dishwash bar
dwash object soap

Dishwash Bar

Bringing sparkling
cleanliness to utensils.

Lead Dishwash Bar is used for home & hotel cooking utensils and dishes cleaning purpose. dishwash bar offered by us, is easy to rinse and in highly effective in cleaning even the toughest oil stains, grime and burnt food residue.

Size : 225 g
dwbar powerful dish wash formula
Effective and powerful
dish wash formula
dwbar brings ultra hygienic
Brings ultra hygienic sparkling smooth touch
dwbar utensils refreshingly clean
Keep your utensils refreshingly clean


dwbar removes food smell

Removes food
smell & grease

dwbar removes oily

Removes oily &
burnt residue

dwbar safe on your hands

Gentle and safe
on your hands

Dishwash Bar

How to Use