premium detergent cake
pdcake object soap

Detergent Cake

Super cleaning power with
great fruit fragrances.

Lead detergent cake is generally an all-purpose laundry cleaning detergent that comes in the form of a cake. Easy and convenient to use, detergent cakes are generally meant for hand washing of all washable clothes and fabrics.

Size : 250 g, 270 g
pdcake suitable white and color
It is suitable for whites and colored clothes
pdcake tough stain removal
It ensures tough
stain removal
pdcake effective on hard and soft water
Effective in both soft water & hard water
Detergent Cake


pdcake keep the clothes soft and smooth

Keep the clothes
soft & smooth

pdcake eliminates dirt easily

dirt easily

pdcake retains fragrance

Retains fragrance
for long time

Detergent Cake

How To Use