matic powder
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Matic Powder

Meet Mr. Smart Stain Warrior

Excellent Stain fighting formula. Lead Matic Powder gives you tough stain removal in just 1 wash and designed especially for front and top load fully-automatic washing machines.

Size : 6Kg
matic powder tough stain
100% Tough Stain Removal in machine
matic powder for machine
Specially designed
for machine
matic powder front and top loader
Suitable for front & top loader machine
matic powder powerful active

Powerful Active

Surfactants for greater
cleaning powder.

matic powder powerful enzyme system

Powerful Enzyme System

It attacks most stubborn dried in stains such dirt & grass, sauce, blood, coffee, make-up and perspiration.


The Best

washing machine
matic powder cloths
matic powder box
matic powder dual water friendly

Dual Water Friendly

Great Performance in
Hot or Cold Water.

matic powder brilliant performance

Brilliant Performance

Built in pre-treaters for a brilliant performance to boost whites and colours.

All Branded Washing
Machine Friendly



To get better cleaning & sparkling shine to your clothes please follow the suggested usage instruction on various loading. Please remove all sharp & hard objects from your pockets before loading clothes into the machine.

Normal Load

matic powder scoop
1 Scoop

Heavy Load

matic powder scoop2
1.5 Scoop

* Recommended use of scoops may vary on the pair of clothes.