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A Fragrant Wash

Washing Powder

Easy in wash, strong on stains.

Lead washing powder is your magic trick for getting the cleanest, brightest and elegantly fragrant wash, that washing powder ensures total cleanliness and protection for your favorite garments without compromising on the fabric colors, quality and finish.

Size : 1Kg, 2Kg, 5Kg
wpowder anti stain formula
Anti-Stain Formula

It quickly penetrates the fabric fibers to remove the stain easily, especially heavy dirt on the collar and at the edge of the sleeve.

wpowder high efficiency
High Efficiency

Our washing powder is precisely processed using the highest grade chemical, quality raw materials & compounds.

wpowder skin friendly
Skin Friendly

Lead washing powder is also suited for both warm & hot-water as well as soft on hand use which give your skin friendly factor.

Ab Daag Ka

The End

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Dazzling White

Gives ultra brightness to your clothes & make it smoother too.

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Remove Germs

Comes with power action formula to remove all types of germs.

Easy In Wash

Experience the smooth & easiness while hand wash.

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Machine Friendly

Semi automatic and fully automatic machine.

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wpowder machine wash

Machine Wash

wpowder scoop
3 Scoops
wpowder hand wash

Hand Wash

wpowder scoop
2 Scoops

* Recommended use of scoops may vary on the pair of clothes.