brown transparent soap
tsoap object coconut
Brown Transparent

Laundry Soap

Make clothes feel soft,
smooth and always fresh.

It’s a fat free soap made from pure Vanaspati and coconut oil, which brings supreme brightness and cleanliness as like as new clothes. A strong cloth cleaning power and an elegant fragrance which lasting for a long time & it gives one of the best brightness & cleanliness to your apparels.

Size : 2500 g
tsoap pure and natural
Pure & Natural
laundry soap
tsoap gives ultra shines
Gives ultra shines
to your cloths
tsoap vegetable and coconut oil
Made from vegetable
& coconut oil
tsoap features
Multi Purpose

Soap's Feature

tsoap skin friendly


tsoap easy in wash

Easy In

& Mild

tsoap smooth fabric


For All Types

Of Fabric