Matic Powder

matic powder

Premium Meet Mr. Smart Stain Warrior Excellent Stain fighting formula. Lead Matic Powder gives you tough stain removal in just 1 wash and designed especially for front and top load fully-automatic washing machines. Size : 6Kg 100% Tough Stain Removal in machine Specially designedfor machine Suitable for front & top loader machine Powerful Active Surfactants […]

Premium Washing Powder

premium washing powder

Premium Quality Washing Powder Power wash with multiaction formula Our premium washing powder is highly and quickly stain removing powder. It’s absolutely removes tough stains, dirts, sauce patches from your clothes very effectively. Which gives whiteness and brightness to your clothes and help keep your colors bright. Size : 6Kg Machine & Hand Wash It […]

Washing Powder

washing powder

A Fragrant Wash Easy in wash, strong on stains. Lead washing powder is your magic trick for getting the cleanest, brightest and elegantly fragrant wash, that washing powder ensures total cleanliness and protection for your favorite garments without compromising on the fabric colors, quality and finish. Size : 1Kg, 2Kg, 5Kg Anti-Stain Formula It quickly […]

Detergent Powder

detergent powder

With Advanced Formula Detergent Powder Your extra shining partnerpopular quality pack. It makes white & colored clothes brighter and lets your clothes smell like perfume. These detergent powders have a very pleasant fragrance and are skin friendly in nature. We offer these powders in diverse packaging size for ease of customers. Size : 80g, 180g, […]

Liquid Detergent

liquid detergent

Gentle On Wash Gentle on clothes andprotects fabric color. Lead liquid detergent is specially formulated for washing clothes in the front load and top load washing machines and as well as for hand wash. Our liquid detergent is useful for washing off all the clothes and removes light to heavy stains and all the dirt […]